Gratitude, Reckoning, and the Top Volunteer Commons Posts of 2021

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As the year wraps up, I want to thank you for joining me in the Volunteer Commons. There are so many demands on our time and attention these days, and I am grateful that you spent some of yours with the ideas in these blogs.

Thanks also to those of you who liked, commented, emailed, and forwarded the blogs onto others. I loved experiencing community through writing and digging into these ideas with you.

My word for the year was reckon, and it seems to have shown up in the writing. Many posts reckoned with the conventional wisdom, assumptions, and intentions surrounding volunteer engagement. What elements of volunteerism do you reckon with? What does your agency need to reckon with more actively? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments.

Top 2021 Volunteer Commons Posts (+ 1 Bonus Entry from 2020)

Here’s the lineup of the most popular 2021 blogs this year:

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