Independent Sector’s Financial Value of a Volunteer Hour (2024)

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In honor of National Volunteer Month, Independent Sector’s financial value of a volunteer hour is now live for 2024. This financial value is just one of many ways to track and report volunteer contributions.

Check out an updated version of my annual blog (now living on its own web page): Value of a Volunteer Hour: When and Where to Use Wage Replacement Rates (or Not). It provides an overview of the benefits and limitations of wage replacement rates like the one calculated by Independent Sector. It also shares recommendations for how to use the wage replacement rate in thoughtful ways.

Other Resources

This recent flyer reminds us that volunteer contributions are not always visible or quantifiable but still worthy of our time and attention. It offers tips for diversifying the ways we track and report volunteer value.

This blog shares insights from grantmakers about what volunteer data to share to make them more visible (and fundable).

This Volunteer Impact: Point of View Tool explores volunteer value from the point of view of those closest to the mission. It pairs well with this companion blog that features an example from the National MS Society.

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